Ethical Production & Values

Since the beginning in 2022, Meillya Jewelry has been dedicated to share stories and positive values through its own jewelry designs. Each piece of jewelry has a gemstone with its own stories and positive energies.

Showing gratitude to the universe and Mother Earth for everything that we are blessed with has always been the heart of Meillya. As a company we are devoted and dedicated to make the world a better place through our own jewelry pieces. We do this by:

Using eco-friendly materials for our packaging. We wholeheartedly believe it’s our responsibility to help create a better world. Each piece of jewelry is carefully packed in premium wooden boxes, fabrics, and paper envelopes. 

Using recycled silver by collecting the silver dust from melted jewelry so it can be used to create new jewelry. By doing this we reduce waste and we contribute to preventing silver from being continuously mined.

Paying our employees and smiths fairly. 

Believing in gender equality and treating male and female employees the same. We are strictly opposed hiring under age or using child labour.