Manufacturing & Services

2D Jewelry Designing

We begin our jewelry production by creating the 2D artwork of the jewelry. We welcome to any ideas and suggestions from customers. If customers are unsure where to begin, we will present them with various references and suggestions to assist them in discovering and determining their designs styles.

Wax Carving

After the 2D design is approved, we continue to make a hand-crafted wax carving. We have talented artisans who will create a wax prototype of the jewelry based on the 2D design. The approved wax carving will be casted to form the jewelry piece known as a master.


The master of the jewelry will be used to make a mold as a medium to make the injection wax. We make the jewelry molds out of rubber or silicone. This molding procedure is important in order to produce identically shaped products in large quantities.

Injection Wax Making

The injection wax pieces will be produced by injecting the wax into the previously created mold. The amount of injection wax produced will be determined by the number of orders placed. This procedure is very effective for making mass production as the wax injections pieces will be casted together into jewelry pieces afterward.


The lost wax casting method is a very effective way to create a mass production of jewelry pieces. The injection wax pieces will be arranged in a form of tree and attached on a tube. The tube will then be filled with investment, and when heated, the wax will melt and form a cavity inside. Molten metal for jewelry materials will be poured into the tube, filling the void inside and forming the jewelry pieces. After allowing it to cool for a time, we clean the remaining investment from the casted metal pieces.

Handmade Production

Several jewelry designs may require handmade production on some of the parts or even the whole jewelry piece. One such example is if the stone to be set on the jewelry has an irregular form and differs from one another. If the customer intends to mass produce this piece, we always suggest them to design a handmade bezel to hold the stone while the rest of the jewelry will be casted. Handmade production may also avoid a number of other circumstances in which we might cut the cost and boost the effectiveness of jewelry production.

Sample Making

Before production begins, it is critical to create samples. We always advise our customers to make a sample before moving forward with mass production. The first wax injection will be cast and used to create a sample for the jewelry pieces. If the customer approves and feels satisfied with the finished sample, we may proceed to cast the remaining injection wax for production.

Laser Engraving

We offer laser engraving service if customers request to have numbers, letters, or logos engraved on the surface of the jewelry. Our machine is able to engrave on flat or curve surface such as on the part of a ring.

Carving & Inlay Production

Various jewelry types can be combined with shell, horn, bone, or stone, depending on the customer’s preferences. Some of our artisans specialize in carving and inlay work on those materials, depending on what the customer requests.

Plating & Coating Services

We also offer several plating service namely silver plating, gold plating (12k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k), rose gold plating, and rhodium plating with up to 10-micron thickness. We also provide services for anti-tarnish and e-coating. Anti-tarnish is used to prevent oxidation occur on the jewelry surfaces and protect the jewelry from tarnishing. The e-coating is an invisible layer added on the surfaces of the jewelry that provides abrasion-resistant. This method also provides the jewelry with protection from any other chemicals and it is same for the skin.