The Journey

Meillya Jewelry has blossomed from a deep passion for jewelry, a love for our beautiful planet and family values.

Growing up in a village known for its many jewelry smiths on the magical island of Bali, Sari naturally grew passionate about designing and making jewelry. The small Indonesian island is known as the home of the world’s best gold and silversmiths. Sari’s journey began by working in a Balinese jewelry company. Here, she learned about the art that jewelry making. During her work she came across talented jewelry smiths who unfortunately were unable to use their skills. This, combined with Sari’s passion and love for jewelry, led her to start her own business, Meillya.

As the mother of three kids, the family has always been Sari’s everything. She is a family person at heart, and it shines through in everything she does. From the name of her company to the values and beliefs she has built her business upon. Sari’s dream of designing and manufacturing jewelry really started to take shape after the birth of her first daughter, Meillya. And so she decided to name her brand after her first daughter.

The name Meillya has two meanings: “Mei” translates to “May” as Meillya was born in the month of May. “Ilya” are abbreviations of names in her family.

Meillya Jewelry began its journey as a jewelry supplier in 2002 and has continued to this day. Initially, only a few productions were made, and only a few artisans joined our community. We began to gain trust from our customers, and their businesses, as well as our community, grew in size. As time passed, many talented artisans joined our community, and we are now manufacturing jewelry for companies in the United States, Australia, and Europe, as well as ecommerce stores. Sari then decided to register the company, which was initially an individual company, into a larger scale company at the end of 2022. Since then, CV. Meillya Bali Kreatif has been established and Meillya Jewelry is one of its brand.

As the company grew, Sari began to design her own jewelry as well. She is inspired by the mesmerizing nature and rich animal life on Bali, which is portrayed in her stunning designs. From adorable dolphins jumping happily and freely in the sea to octopuses that come out to play under the shining moon to amazing lotus flowers that grow in the mud. The island is a constant source of magic and inspiration.

Each piece of jewelry is handmade on the loving island of Bali. This magnificent island is known for its positive and spiritual energies, which you will feel when wearing the jewelry.